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RATING 9.8/10

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[1.5/10] – Essaytigers.com Review

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Essaytigers.com is supposed to be the number one essay writing solution for students, or at least that’s what their website tells you once you open it. This, however, it up for debate because the samples and testimonials published on the site do not fit those outside of it. Basically, essaytigers.com is either hand-picking the comments they post to attract a wider audience, or they haven’t updated their website for quite a while. Which one it is, we are about to find out.


Essaytigers.com gave specific details about their writers, some of which are quite strange. For example, it is important to know that not all writers they hire are native speakers because this would mean that their papers might include mistakes and poor English skills. It is something companies never admit, but this one actually states that only 85% of their writers are native speakers.

The strange information is, for example, that 13% of the employees have beards, or the slightly discriminatory one – that 65% are women. It might be an interesting thing to read, but we believe that it is only a fence to somewhat cover the most important details. These details are that the company has only 15% PhD writers, and they also have 15% non-native writers. The sum of it is the biggest red flag we have ever seen, but we must say – it is refreshing to see an honest service.

Company trust

The company isn’t widely trusted as a content source, probably because of the poor reputation with their quality, and perhaps because they let those details out in the open. While some might find this refreshing, students are probably more enticed to get a paper from a company who has all PhD writers and all native writers rather than a one that has only few of both.


Quality isn’t a trait essaytigers.com is known for. In fact, we can assume that their non-native experts are in a large number despite the fact that they’ve only listed 45 writers and 100 freelancers in the writers’ details. We say this because if you check their reputation, you’ll find hundreds of comments that lead us to believe that their writers aren’t all that fluent. All these comments have one common thing – mistakes all over the paper and in most of them, plagiarism.

Sadly, there are no samples, so you can’t really see what your paper would look like. In many cases, samples aren’t a resemblance to the actual content, but it would be nice to have some idea and to know what you can expect when you pay the company to write your assignment.


It’s no wonder that there are so many people talking about this company. With prices like the ones essaytigers.com has on the website, most students probably don’t even look at the information about the writers. Basically, you can get an essay at a rate of $10, which is something you can hardly see in more reputable websites known to work only with native writers.

The price is probably the reason why the quality isn’t consistent and why the service hires non-natives also. You can’t really expect to pay such low rates and get such high quality – it simply doesn’t fit.

Our biggest concern was that the website is so straightforward, you can literally see that there are many extra costs and tricks. For example, if you do get a refund approved, most of your money will not be refunded. They don’t refund discounts, extras, or VAT taxes. The extras are all listed in the prices page, so you might want to take a look at them before you order.

As for the offered discounts, you get 5% and 10% after you spend a sum of $500 and $1000 on the site, respectively. It is a tough goal to reach, but the rates are very low in the first place.

Customer service

Customer service is available non-stop and they are quite pleasant to talk to. Customers are satisfied by this service even though they have plenty of bad things to say about the writers’ expertise.


Overall, essaytigers.com is cheap and legit, but the quality is often poor. The company has put all information out in the open, so we recommend reading through the site before you make a decision.

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I ordered a 500 word essay from EssayTIGERS service. I got a 300 word piece that was so poorly written that I could not use it.

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