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RATING 9.8/10

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[2.4/10] – Essay-Writing-Service.co.uk Review

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A review of essay-writing-service.co.uk.  They offer “top quality essay writing services” and 15% off your first order.  They offer fresh work that and repeat over and over on the home page that it isn’t plagiarised.  So let’s get to the review…

1 – Are they a genuine UK company?

Essay-Writing-Service really has a UK address.  Sadly for us, the street in London it says it’s on is not on street view so I couldn’t get a good look.  They’re not showing on Google Maps but I wouldn’t expect an essay writing company to appear on these if I’m honest.  I asked on their live chat service and they said they have several offices in Pakistan, Russia but the head office is in Sheffield.  They claim to be independent from the previously reviewed site.

2 – Ask for a written promise

They should give you a written promise of what they deliver.  I didn’t ask on the live chat as I had asked plenty of questions already about their location.  But you should request this before ordering.

3 – Check their Companies House credentials

I couldn’t find this information on their site or on Companies House.  Without knowing their address (as their head office is not on the website) I found it hard to search for it.  This address issue is becoming a problem.

4 – Make sure they have a UK bank account

There are no bank details on the site, actually, no PAYMENT details.  You need to log in to get to the payment screen so I have no idea what they use for payment.

5 – Are the prices realistic?

1000 word 2:1 essay in 5 days is £56.  Really?  If you run a custom essay business can you afford the costs of running a business on £56 per essay?  Only if you knocked them out very quickly which makes me question the quality\authenticity.  Also, if you’re the writer for this company would you charge £23 for writing 5000 words?  Bear in mind that poor quality, non-English speaking website copywriters charge roughly £8 for 500 words.  A professionally written essay to a 2:1 standard would demand so much more.

Our summary…

The fact that I couldn’t 100% confirm any of these 5 points was worrying.  The price is too low too. Not recommended, big chance that it’s a scam.

One comment

This uk essay service cost me my grade! They sold me a copied essay and simply embellished the introduction.

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