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[2.4/10] – Uk.edubirdie.com Review

uk edubirdie

Uk.edubirdie.com is said to work exclusively with UK writers from different fields. The thing that differentiates this service from most we have reviewed is their system for bidding, which allows customers to select the person who will write their paper. Instead of choosing one based on what you request and based on their writers’ availability, they let you oversee the interested bidders and determine which one is the best fit. Now that you know this, what’s left is to learn how well they handle this system.


As mentioned before, uk.edubirdie.com claims to work with native writers only and according to them, all the information you need to make a decision on your own is presented in the profiles of the bidders. An even safer option would be to choose one of their top writers, but these are much more expensive to afford than the bidders.

Naturally, the customers of the company prefer to go through the bidding system and get more options regarding how much they’ll pay. The important thing to note here is that, in order for such a system to be successful, the profiles need to be updated and completely true.

Company trust

While the prerequisite for successful bidding system is to be truthful about the qualifications of writers, uk.edubirdie.com is known to fail in providing such assurance. It is a legit service in the sense that they do deliver the papers, but from what most people experienced with their bidders, the profiles aren’t realistic. We cannot be certain if this is a scam made by the service or the writers, but even if it is the latter, uk.edubirdie.com seems to be doing a very poor job in checking their writers’ background.

Basically, this makes the entire system significantly flawed since the customers cannot trust the information given by the company regarding the bidders.


The comments regarding the quality are different and can be split into two big categories: average and bad. There is hardly a customer who has praised the great service by Uk.edubirdie, at least not outside of the website. According to the customers, the biggest problem here is that the writers’ profiles and portfolios don’t correspond to the delivered assignments. Strangely, even though the service mentions only UK writers, a significant portion of the customers who wrote testimonials have complained of fluency-related issues.


We can hardly give you a sample price about the services in this company and neither can they. The system works by writers bidding on the order you make, so the prices can vary a lot. Thankfully, you can be sure that on this website, you will have bidders with low to high rates, because the company has over 200 writers available to bid on orders. The bad news is, you cannot make a choice based on a profile because it seems to be untrustworthy, so you might end up paying a fortune to a writer who isn’t who he says he is.

Customer service

In such companies, the customer service is the key feature that keeps it all together. If you have a trouble with the bidders, you are supposed to be able to contact the support and ask them to mediate. They do offer a non-stop service from the many agents, but even though this service responds promptly, they don’t have a great reputation with solving the problems between customers and writers.


For the bidding system to be successful, uk.edubirdie.com would have to have a great customer support and reliable and realistic writers’ profiles. Instead, they seem to have missed many lies done by the writers in their profile, which most of the time results in papers of average to very low quality. On top of it all, customer support does not seem to be working well in terms of such issues. So, beside the good rates and smooth bidding process, we cannot rank this particular writing service as a good one.

One comment

Where in earth does EduBirdie.com get off promising to do an essay only to not deliver at all?! It’s been weeks since I ordered my essay.

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