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[2.7/10] – Papersowl.com Review

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There are plenty of advantages that come adjacent with the bidding system. You get to select what you’ll pay and who will write your paper. It sounds great until it is not. For this system to really work, the service must be very dedicated and detailed with their hiring. They have to ensure that the writers’ qualifications are real and oversee the entire process. Papersowl.com is a service of the bidding kind – they mediate between customers and writers, while leaving the rest to you.

For the bidding part to actually work well and as papersowl.com says it does, they need to take control and responsibility. Otherwise, they’ll end up having a mixed reputation like most bidding companies. That’s the goal of this review – to determine if this service has excelled in the bidding writing service industry, or they are like the many others who fail the ‘mediation process’.


A few of the team of writers have a success of 100%. These are the top writers at Papersowl.com, the ones that come at a very steep rate. However, if you make an order and wait for bids, you’ll probably get dozens of options from writers that have a success rate of over 90%, which is great. This would mean that those writers are excellent and students really love their work. You can also see their profiles and learn about their qualifications and education.

But, not so fast. When we actually did this part, we looked at the profiles of all writers who placed a bid. It took us a while, but it is your best shot at getting a top writer for your paper, that is if you choose a bidding service. Since it is your responsibility, you should definitely consider all options instead of just rushing to choose the cheapest one.

Anyways, our experience with the writer choosing process ended up terribly. Even though we chose a writer who was supposed to be excellent, the actual product he provided proved otherwise. This, as well as the many complaints from customers who’ve used this company, lead us to believe that the company doesn’t check the qualifications of their writers. This completely ruins the bidding process and makes for very risky ordering on behalf of the customers.

Company trust

As we mentioned already, the customers don’t often say good things about this service. As it turns out, many of them have experienced the same thing we did with the writers’ profiles – inaccurate and fraudulent information. This makes papersowl.com a very poor choice for a writing service, something you wouldn’t know if you look at their website because all the testimonials there are excellent. They are so good, you wouldn’t even anticipate the scam behind the writers’ profiles until you saw it.


Quality is debatable with bidding services. If you are lucky and you come across a writer who didn’t lie in their portfolio or had a realistically good rating, you might get a great paper. Some of the testimonials on the internet mentioned great experiences with the writers. Those students proceeded to order from the same writers and enjoyed much lower rates than with other companies.

But the fact remains, our experience and that of most customers is negative. Many of them complain of papers written by people who aren’t all that fluent in the language, some of plagiarism, and some even about missed deadlines. In all these cases, the problems and complaints weren’t taken care of by the company, which doesn’t speak well of Papersowl.com.


The price is also debatable because it is up to the bidders and what you’ll choose to pay. Bidding companies have this huge advantage for the students – you can choose a bid that fits your current budget. This also means that there are no discounts, which is a disadvantage, but the cheapest rates available are always found in companies like Papersowl.

Of course, those lowest rates are often sent by the least qualified writers but in this case, most writers had extremely low rates even though they had excellent rating and profiles.

Customer service

Thankfully, there’s a non-stop available customer service and they are quite pleasant. But, this isn’t really working due to the fact that the support service has no liberty to provide refunds or revisions. They asked us to communicate with the writer directly, as if the company doesn’t have anything to do with the order.


Bidding companies are great if they work well, but Papersowl.com isn’t. Their support service is prompt and always there, but they don’t fix any of the problems between customers and writers. There is simply no guarantee of quality or a money back guarantee of any kind. If the paper you get is bad or the writer turns out to be a scam, there’s no one to complain to. That’s why their reputation is so low.

One comment

I don’t know why papersowl refer to itself as an essay service. All you do is steal essays and resell them.
Not recommended

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