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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[3.1/10] – Ukwritings.com Review

uk writings

It might not be the cheapest or the most popular company, but ukwritings.com looks like it has a lot to offer. Their rates are lower than most companies who promise the exact same things and on top of that, they have discounts. Still, the question stands about whether this company is standing behind its word or they are just another misleading, money-driven writing service. Let’s find out.


You’ll be finding plenty of information about the writers on the site of ukwritings.com. Firstly, you will learn that they are ‘very careful about the writers they select’. To prove this, the company goes through a great deal of explaining what ‘unsavory companies’ do which is a bit distasteful. After that, what follows is a list of what their writers do, which is what we are interested to learn the most. Ukwritings.com is said to ask every writer to submit to a strict screening process, as well as submit writing they have produced so that they can evaluate it. Moreover, their background check provides them with the information about the education and experience of the writers. Finally, they say that they check each order before they send it out to customers.

This sounds perfect and everyone will agree with it. However, with as many customers as ukwritings.com says they have, we hardly see a way that allows them to check every single paper before delivery. Since they have a couple hundred writers, even the detailed screening process is not very likely to be real.

Company trust

Despite all those processes for hiring, training and ensuring that the papers are of the best quality possible, this company isn’t what students would rank as trustworthy. The customers’ testimonials aren’t on their side and while they may deliver on time and charge the amount they list on the site; they aren’t really popular at this point.


The samples’ quality is not really great, which is a bad, bad sign. There are many companies who publish great samples and deliver great content, and some who publish the best they have and deliver average papers. This company didn’t manage to get the first part right, which makes all their mentions of excellent quality less trustworthy.

Customers’ feedback confirms the doubts that arise from this because from what we learned at this point, this service isn’t what you would call popular among its target audience.


Ukwritings.com is well-priced. It ranges somewhere in the average to cheap category. Their rates aren’t so low that they indicate poor quality or inexperienced writers, but they are also not as high as the rates of popular services. A quote of $13 for a page falls somewhere in the middle but in this case, which would be great if the quality were great, too.

The tricky part is, this is just the base fee. On that fee, you get 5% off after the fifteenth ordered page and 15% after you get 100 pages in total. These are the loyalty program offers, while new customers get the highest offer – 16% off if their order exceeds $30.

This changes the price by a lot and makes it lean more into the cheap category, which fits with the quality students talk about. At this point, we still haven’t come across such a cheap company with great reputation.

Customer service

With their toll-free number and the live chat, and even the e-mail and online contact form, ukwritings.com makes it possible for its customers to reach agents at all times. This is good, but the support service is known to be slow and most of the time automated. Apparently, students are redirected to agents all the time and have to wait a lot to be served by an actual agent. Still, having a non-stop service is good news.


In conclusion, ukwritings.com has a non-stop support service and prices that go from average to cheap thanks to the discounts. This sounds great, but the quality reputation is extremely low and the service is mainly considered untrustworthy by its previous customers. After taking all this into consideration, we cannot recommend this company for your academic needs.

One comment

Most essay services have a list of writers available online throughout. You are clearly a fraud as there are none here. Not recommend UKwritings.

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