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RATING 9.8/10

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[3.4/10] – Edusson.com Review


Edusson.com is a simple website and yet, the ordering processes are very lengthy. This is a result of the bidding system many companies share nowadays. A bidding system gives you an opportunity to get writers to bid on the order and details you send out. When you find a bid you like, you can choose that specific writer to make the writing for you.

It sounds really great when you think about the ability to choose a price you find fitting, but it’s not a system that should be rushed. In addition to waiting for the bids, you also need to consider each candidate carefully to find the best fit. That’s what other services that don’t use this system do – they choose the writers based on your requirements and their qualifications. In the case with edusson.com, this is your job. So, let’s see how this works.


There’s a blog on the Edusson website, but it isn’t a blog in the traditional sense. There aren’t many samples there and the ones that are published seem to be there for a long time. With a huge ‘pool of writers’, you can hardly know how good your writer will be if you read the blog samples because, after all, there’s no indication about which writer wrote them. So, they are just there as a kind of a ‘show off’.

In terms of writers, there’s nothing we found about the number of employees at Edusson.com. The bids will grow bigger the more you wait, but there’s also nothing that guarantees that you’ll get fitting bids, or that writers will bid on the complicated papers, for that matter. It is left for you to place a bid and wait.

Company trust

Customers don’t all share good opinions about Edusson.com. In fact, judged by what the majority says, Edusson isn’t very popular. A small number of comments say that they’ve picked a qualified writer and are pleased with the rate and the quality, but most of them repeat the same we’ve experienced – scam qualifications in writers’ profile and no solutions provided by the service.


As we said, our experience was a fit with most of the testimonials you’ll read about Edusson.com. When writers bid on the order, the customer gets a list with qualifications about each bidder. This is the list you’ll use to choose the bidder you find best based on qualifications and price.

Choosing the price can bring satisfaction to many students who can’t afford to order from those fancy, popular writing sites. Most students rush to buy the cheapest paper in bidding services like this one, which is often the bid made by the least experienced writer. This is why we recommend checking the qualifications before you choose.

But in this case, the problem runs deeper. We did what we tell students to do – looked at the requirements and took our time when choosing a writer. We didn’t go for the lowest bid, but the one that seemed most fair and sent by a writer who had plenty of experience in the field, as well as great education.

However, the profiles of writers on Edusson.com are either fake or left unchecked by the service. None of these were true about our writer, which was obvious in the poorly-made research paper we received four days after ordering it.


The price is debatable and as we said, it depends on what you choose to pay. We chose a price that was somewhat average when compared with the thirty other bids we received. Such high number of bids tells us that there are indeed many writers employed here, which means that you will get bids when you place an order. But, a reasonable price does not always mean a good writer, like in our case.

Customer service

After the problems with the paper and the writer, we contacted the service to share our concerns about the obviously fake profile of the writer. They said they’d look into it, but assured us that each of their writers is checked before they are hired by the service. In other words, they took no measures to fix this problem. This was really frustrating, especially because we didn’t even get offered a revision, not to mention any kind of refund.

We did ask for both, in fact, but the customer support was simply avoiding our questions and speaking of their ‘spotless reputation’. Even though we read so many bad comments outside of the website, the agent kept telling us that they have never had such issues, which was obviously a lie. In the end, we gave up on the refund and asked for a revision, which once again, was turned down by the customer support.


Bidding companies can only work well if the writers employed there are all great and the customer support is on the side of the customer. Edusson.com is supposed to serve as a mediator between bidders and customers, but they don’t take any responsibility for the poor writing or fake qualifications their writers seem to send out when they bid on customers’ orders.

One comment

There is too much trash on the net without this supposed essay service adding on to it. Please shut Edusson.com down.

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