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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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[3.8/10] – Essaywriter.co.uk Review

The UK's Premier Provider

A review of essaywriter.co.uk.  According to the website they are “Britain’s biggest online provider of custom essays and dissertations”.  Are they British? Are they big? Well let’s see.  Here is essaywriter.co.uk vs my 5 point test.

1 – Are they a genuine UK company?

They have a UK address! That’s a good start.  But whats this? Google Maps shows this building to be a “rent a mailbox” address!.

There may be a perfectly good and legitimate reason for this but right now I don’t have one.

2 – Ask for a written promise

They should give you a written promise of what they deliver.  Worth a try?

3 – Check their Companies House credentials

There is no Companies House information.  A Google search for this reveals someone else has shown they may be based out of the United Arab Emirates.

4 – Make sure they have a UK bank account

They use RBS Worldpay, you can be based anywhere in the world to use that.  I couldn’t find any bank details on the site.

5 – Are the prices realistic?

1000 word 2:1 essay in 5 days is £115 which is pretty realistic.

My summary…

They are not based in the UK which should have flags waving and alarm bells sounding straight away.  Their site is VERY VERY similar to another one competitor and their prices happen to be £5 cheaper across the board.  I would pay the £5 extra and get the quality and safety of any in current TOP table.

One comment

Do not be fooled into thinking that this essay service can help you. Essaywriter.co.uk – are a total fraud.

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