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RATING 9.8/10

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[4.0/10] – PaperCheap.co.uk Review

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The number of similar companies on the market is only growing. Out of the thousands of choices, papercheap.co.uk has been here for over five years. It might not be long, but it does make them experienced in writing academic content. However, during this timeframe, papercheap.co.uk has attracted a limited number of customers and received not very great feedback. That’s the main reason why we proceeded with this review.


There is limited information about the writers employed by Paper Cheap. Except for the part where they explain how you can ask the writers to select the topic for your order, there is basically no information provided about the experts. The good news about this is that once you make your order and they assign a writer to it, you can check your personal account for updates and enjoy direct contact with the writer.

This, however, does not compensate for the lack of basic information about the writers. Are they highly educated? Do they have much experience? Are they native in the language they are writing in?

Company trust

Our preliminary research for this review pinpointed that Papercheap isn’t as trustworthy as it seems on their site. The website lacks a great deal of important information beside those regarding the writers, making it impossible to get a detailed overview of what they actually offer. Such vague and limited information can raise doubts in most visitors, which might be the reason why they don’t have as many customers as they should in a period of five years.


When we got to researching this point, we understood that the lack of customers might not lie in the website content. In fact, we believe that it lies in the issues with the quality, since Papercheap.co.uk doesn’t really guarantee quality. According to most of their customers, the paper quality is below the average and indicates low writing skills on behalf of the writers. The reason why they didn’t put this information on the website is very likely to be because their writers aren’t very fluent or experienced in handling all types of academic content.

Since there are literally no samples to look at, there is not really a way to see how their papers are written or what your essay would look like if you order it here.


The name fits perfectly – this is indeed a very cheap service. It is so cheap, you could even assume that the quality would be as it is. There is literally no reason in charging so little if you hire great writers, which is probably why PaperCheap works with inexperienced or non-native writers in the first place.

Basically, if you open the website and the pricing page, you’ll be looking at prices that begin at as little as $6.90 for a page. This is one of the cheapest rates there are on the writing market. On top of it all, there are actually discounts that reduce it further, making it an unbelievable offer for what is promised to be high quality and original content.

Discounts are only mentioned on the pricing page and for additional information, you’d have to contact their support representatives. If you do, you will get a discount made especially for you after you provide them with the details regarding your order. The discounts are considerably low, according to customers, which is not strange based on how low are the actual prices.

Customer service

The customer service is available to answer questions and judged by how vague the website information is, you will probably have to ask a lot. We wouldn’t say that you should expect much from the customer support because from what customers said, they don’t take responsibility if your papers are of bad quality. In fact, there are some testimonials from customers who state that the customer service ignored their messages after the writers delivered plagiarized essays.


In conclusion, papercheap.co.uk is the cheapest service you could find, but this also means that they lack the professional writers needed to get the job done well. They are known for lack of quality and poor support service, leading us to believe that their papers aren’t worth the low rate they are charging.

One comment

You would think that for the amount of money papercheap.co.uk service demands for an essay you would get an amazing piece. Even my seven year old can write better than this!

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