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RATING 9.8/10

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[4.1/10] – Essaypro.com Review


EssayPro.com is a writing company that functions differently from the traditional services. The bidding system has been part of this market for a while now, and many companies share it. This system allows the customers to handpick their writers from the employed experts at the company. More specifically, from the writers who are available and willing to do their papers within the deadline and based on the instructions.

Basically, you enter your requirements and wait. Writers look at them and bid with their quote if they want to work on them. Then it is up to you to choose which one will write your paper. This also means that you get to choose the price, which of course, is very appealing to students.

But for this to work, Essaypro.com needs to have a very strict hiring process, as well as be very realistic about their writers. Since customers are choosing writers based on profiles, they need to be certain that the information there is accurate. That’s what we are about to tell you – whether essaypro.com has this handled well or poorly.


Essaypro.com is a big service with plenty of writers, something you can witness if you place an order. In our cases, we got over two dozen bids, which gave us plenty of options, but also cost us a lot of time. After a careful consideration based on the profiles and rating of the writers who bid on the order, we made a decision.

In such cases, it is recommended to choose a writer based on requirements instead of just based on pricing. Those with least experience always bid with lowest rates, which is where many students make a mistake. Interestingly, in the case with Essaypro.com, every single writer bid with a very low rate. It is as if they were comparing to work at a lower price, which was surprising because most of the bidders had amazing profiles and ratings.

Company trust

Having all the responsibility in the matter of choosing a writer comes with many risks, so the odds are, you can make a mistake. However, judging by the very low reputation Paperpro.com has on this market, it is safe to say that the bad comments aren’t a result of bad decisions made on behalf of customers. Many have complained of poor paper quality, but also delayed papers and non-native writers.

This is a serious issue, especially for a service that lets you choose a writer. If you can’t trust that they’ve employed native writers or that they’ll provide you with a refund if the writer misses a deadline, what good are they?


To learn why all those comments outside the website are so bad, we placed our own order and got writers to bid on it. Out of the two dozen writers, fifteen had impeccable qualifications, while the remaining five had experience in different fields. We eliminated most of them and found the one that was the best fit. Interestingly, all of them bid at rates that are lower than what most companies offer to their customers.

These rates should have been a sign that something is wrong about the profiles of the writers. A writer who was supposed to be a Master’s graduate and a native speaker wrote us an essay that was barely comprehensive, poorly formatted, and slightly plagiarized. This confirmed our doubts about PaperPro – that their writers’ profiles are a scam.


As we said, this website has some of the lowest rates available, but you cannot know what you’ll pay until you choose it. It is a good opportunity for getting a low quote, but not at the cost of your grade or reputation as a student.

In the case with bidding systems, we believe that the best approach is to choose a writer who is more qualified over a writer who sent a very low bid. But in this case, all writers sent low bids, and the best one from the bidders turned out to be a terrible writer.

Customer service

When something like this happens, the customer service is supposed to handle the issue and refund the customer. That’s what we asked from them. Paperpro.com has a very easy-to-reach customer service, which is a great advantage. But, the fact that they didn’t help us with this matter makes our choice of a service a very bad choice. For the plagiarized and poorly written paper, we didn’t get any refund or a revision, nor did we get any assistance from the customer support.

They simply asked us to talk to the writer and discuss the revision process. The writer changed two sentences and sent it back, after which we weren’t offered any solution at all.


Paperpro.com might be cheap, but they are definitely not safe to order from. The writers they have employed seem to lie in their profiles, which makes it impossible for customers to determine which writer is good for their paper and which one is not. The worst part about it is that the customer service doesn’t take any measures to fix this, nor do they stand behind their promises of top notch papers and no plagiarism.

One comment

I paid such a hefty amount but for what? If I wanted a copied piece I would have pulled it off the net and not bothered hiring an Essaypro.

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