RATING 9.5/10

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Established in 2002

RATING 9.8/10

RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[4.8/10] – Smartwritingservice.com Review


Having almost five hundred writers doing students’ work on daily basis is grand. This is one of the good information we found on the site of smartwritingservice.com, alongside the 97% satisfaction rate and the quote: ‘Such a cheap price for your free time and healthy sleep’.

This sounds excellent to all who struggle to finish essays and other papers and need some help. A company that is popular, reliable and cheap is what all students look for. But, we know better than to rely just on what a company says, since most writing services write this type of information for marketing purposes only.

To check the validity of all those numbers and promises, our team looked into what Smartwritingservice.com truly offers.


In addition to the given number of employed writers, the website contains some interesting information about who’d be writing your assignments if you choose them. Firstly, they say that all writers hold Master’s and PhD degrees. Secondly, their hundreds of employed experts seem to be working in over 70 different disciplines, meaning that they have a writer for anything you need.

All of this sounds great and if true, would result in excellent papers. However, when the moment came for us to take a peak outside of this promising site, we’ve learned something else.

Company trust

The rate of satisfaction on the site is said to exceed 97%, which almost never happens with websites of this kind. There are always some students who are unhappy with the work. So, when we first read negative comments about the quality and originality of papers, we thought that we have come across those very few who say this.

After some more research, we learned that the majority of comments outside of the website are the very opposite of what the website says and the comments on it look like. A concerning number of customers have mentioned plagiarism and bad paper quality. Based on these findings, we realized that this is not really a trustworthy company.


To confirm our findings, we did our own order for a research paper from smartwritingservice.com. The research paper came right on time, an hour before the deadline ended. This was the good part, but everything that followed after was bad.

The plagiarism scanner showed a percentage of 25% when we checked for plagiarism. Also, the writing was extremely bad, so much that it left us with the impression that the writer who was assigned to us wasn’t all that educated. Their work simply didn’t fit said qualifications of a PhD writer, not to mention the many errors that told us this writer wasn’t even native writer.


The only true part about the company was that their prices are cheap. Rates of $10 are almost 50% lower than what most companies like this one offer, but they are always a sign that something’s wrong with the company. There is simply no logic in hiring PhD and Master’s graduates to work at such low rates, which was once again proven in our research.

The research paper we got to check this service cost $14 for a page for a 4th year undergraduate student and a deadline of a week. On top of all that, they seem to have a loyalty program that students become eligible for after they spend their first $500 on the website. The three offered discounts of that program are lifelong discounts and the one of 15% makes the pricing cheaper than we’ve ever seen.

Even so, we can hardly believe that anyone has reached that point, since getting there requires a sum of $2000 spent on papers. Considering how cheap the rates are and how poor the paper quality is here, it is safe to assume that not many have reached this lifelong discount.

Customer service

Considering that the company is based in Hong Kong and the support service is based in Ukraine, as the service says, we didn’t really expect to talk to a native speaker. However, what most surprised us was that the person who replied to our live chat questions copied answers almost instantly and according to what they chose to respond with, we assumed that they don’t really understand us.

When we asked some more detailed questions and complained about the paper we got, we were sent to a couple more agents before we finally found one that could understand us. When this writer replied directly, he used very bad English we could hardly understand ourselves. Even with that kind of reply, we could understand that the service takes no responsibility for the bad papers their writers deliver, which was a complete disappointment.


A company that charges so little can hardly be as great as the site of smartwritingservice.com says, but we still gave it a shot. Our evaluation resulted in poor paper quality and horrible experience with customer support. SmartWritingService.com has great rates and a very inviting website, but that’s far from enough to make a student in need of help happy with their service. On top of it all, they seem to provide many plagiarized papers, which is one of the worst things a writing service can do.

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It appears that you do not have writers on SMARTWritingService. How then do you intend to sell essays? Failed

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