RATING 9.5/10

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Established in 2002

RATING 9.8/10

RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[5.0/10] – Custom-writing.org Review

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Even though they say they’ve been on this market since 2006, there’s not much we could find about custom-writing.com. For a service with a ranking of 9.8 (as listed on their site), we hadn’t even heard about them before we did our evaluation. All of this brought suspicions about the beginnings and the works of the service, which is why we proceeded with a real evaluation done by actually ordering from their writers.

Custom-writing.org might have been aiding students for over a decade, but comments about their services go only a couple years back. This made us doubt the reliability of all the information on the site, which is why we took our evaluation step by step. Keep reading to learn what we found.


The only description about the employees at Custom-Writings lists the departments that make the work of the company run smoothly, such as the quality control department and the IT department. As for the writers, we don’t have any information about how many they’ve employed or how they pick them. So, we started out our evaluation without knowing if their writers hold PhD degrees or Master’s degree, and whether or not they are native speakers or just fluent in the language.

Company trust

The thing that can best tell you if a company is worthy of your time is their reputation. For Custom Writings, reputation isn’t all that great, but the strangest part is – there is too little about them on the Web. Not many customers have spoken kindly of the papers the writers delivered here, and the number of reviews certainly does not fit the number of years this company says to have worked online.


What we learned from all those testimonials was once again confirmed by what we received when we did our own order. We placed an order for an essay for a Master’s level, which was supposed to be delivered two days after.

We say ‘supposed to’ because, in reality, it wasn’t delivered then. It was delivered after two days and seven hours, and after our several talks with the customer service that convinced us that we will get the paper ‘any moment now’.

As if this wasn’t frustrating enough, the paper we received confirmed our fears – the writers aren’t really native and in this case, not so fluent in the language, either. The service hasn’t omitted this important information without a reason. If customers knew they’d be getting their papers written by people who aren’t native in their language, they probably wouldn’t even order. Especially not for the high rates like the one we paid for our paper.


The cheapest you can pay for an essay is $18.92 and based on the poor quality we got, these rates are very unreasonable. Not only did they fail to give a discount to new customers that would allow them to see what the quality is like at Custom Writing, but they’ve set prices that are too high for most students who need academic help.

Discounts are applied only after you’ve placed your first order. From what we learned on the web and what we’ve experienced, not many go back to these writers to actually enjoy those discounts. But if you decide to do it, you should know that there are plenty of discount options for returning clients. The system is not like the ones we see in most websites, in the sense that discounts start at 3% and grow gradually until you reach 15%, which would happen when you accumulate over 255 pages. It’s an easy-to-reach goal if you are satisfied with the paper quality.

Customer service

Unfortunately, we weren’t really satisfied with the paper quality. So, naturally, our first idea was to contact the support and ask them to resolve our problem. We shared our frustrations with the agent, but we were surprised to learn that the agent wasn’t on our side at all. Custom-writing.org gave us the idea that their many departments ensure smooth work and solve such problems rapidly, but the actual help wasn’t at all like this.

As soon as we approached one of their live chat agents to discuss the poor quality and the fact that our paper was highly mistaken and obviously done by someone who isn’t really great in writing in English, we got a delay in response of over twenty minutes. After being re-directed to many different agents, we finally spoke to the one that offered one free revision. If we didn’t like that revision, we’d have no right to request another one because, according to the service and their ‘communication with the writer’, the paper fit the instructions from start to finish.

This was very unprofessional, but we still went for the revision. We got a revision that fixed the issue only slightly, but the mistakes were still very present.


An irresponsible customer support and a lot of waiting to get a response is never a good sign about a company. If you combine this with writers who aren’t native writers and pricing that’s way too high for the quality provided, you get a service that isn’t worth the investment. That’s what happened with Custom-writing.org.

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I will try to be nice with this: tear down your sight and simply stop selling the lie that you offer essay services.

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