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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[5.2/10] – Boomessays.com Review


Boomessays.com looks very modern and promising. If their writers are really top essay writers and the papers are truly 100% original, this with the added rates would make for an excellent choice for you as a student. But, our experience has taught us to look deeper into a company’s offers and statements. That is, if you want to truly learn the truth about a company, in this case BoomEssays.

So, that’s what we did – we searched the website and the Internet for more information about this company. Our personal experience combined with this research helped us write this review. Keep reading to see what there is to know about the writing service under the name Boomessays.com.


The writers’ number reaches almost three hundred, which if true, would mean that BoomEssays has plenty of orders on a daily basis. It is a good sign for two reasons. If they really have so many writers, this would mean that they have many regulars, which is a clear sign that they are popular and good. Also, many writers means many fields of expertise. If Boom Essays handpicks the writers based on customers’ demands and requirements, this could yield much better results than just assigning any available expert.

Of course, there are also downfalls of having too many writers. Finding almost 300 writers who are all great at their job and hold highest level degrees from the best universities, and are also native and experienced – is extremely hard. Many companies use grand numbers to impress the visitors, so the question here is – is this the real number of writers? And if they are – are all writers as qualified and experienced as BoomEssays says?

The answer to most of these questions lies in the quality provided, as well as the reputation of the company in question. If the majority of customers like a service, their writers must be good. That should also reflect on our experience, which we will discuss soon.

Company trust

This is the part that went badly. If all writers are as excellent as Boomessays.com says they are, how come their reputation is falling seriously under the average rating? The company has guarantees that should provide a safe ordering process and make people trust it and yet, so many customers online have shared their concerns and negative opinions about the writers and the content.

In other words, Boomessays’s online reputation does not at all resemble the feedback published on the official website. This comes as a grand disappointment because the impression you’ll get when you open the Boomessay website will probably indicate that the service is extremely trustworthy.


After our research about the service on the Web, everything went downhill. Our order was like we expected after learning about the poor reputation this service holds. It wasn’t delayed, which says good things about the delivery guarantee. But, it wasn’t good at all and it definitely did not meet the expectations one would have after reading the BoomEssays information about their writers.

It wasn’t so much about the information included in our research paper, that it was about the mistakes in it. So many mistakes, and strange ones, that it meant the obvious and unfortunately, very common truth – writers aren’t all native. With so many writers working for a company, it’s hard to keep track of them all, but the hiring process should be stricter to avoid hiring experts who aren’t fluent in the target language to work on creating original content.


There’s a reason why BoomEssays has more writers than we anticipated – their prices are inviting. Rates for essays start at $12.99, which probably attracts a grand number of students. In addition to academic writing, there are also rewriting, proofreading, editing, CV and resume, and copywriting services.

In terms of discounts, the first discount you’ll get if you order is 15%. Further on, you are entitled to get 5%, 10% or 15% based on pages you’ve ordered since the beginning. After 100 pages, you are eligible for a life-time discount of 15%.

Customer service

There are so many options for reaching BoomEssays, but most of them work badly. Why? Because our contact with the customer service via the 24/7 live chat was first delayed and most likely automated. The answers we received from their agents came automatically and many of them weren’t really fitting with the questions asked, so we assumed that we are talking to a bot.

Once this happened, we used the phone number to reach an actual agent and tell them about our experience with the writer. We spoke to a professional and friendly support agent, but considering that she spoke English badly, too, we didn’t get far with the conversation. Our complaints regarding the order’s quality remained unresolved, but the agent offered to get us a revision. When we asked about the timeframe for a revision, we were told that we will wait around two or three days for the new delivery.

This would come free of charge, but waiting so long isn’t always an option for a student with a deadline.


Poor paper quality and automated live chat are never good news about a writing company. Boomessays.com is cheap, but their offers aren’t a good fit for those who want quality help with their assignments.

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Your essay service prices are ridiculous and your work even more so. It would be prudent if boomessays just closed their site.

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