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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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[5.2/10] – Essayhave.com Review


According to essayhave.com, a high price is a guarantee for high quality. This sounds so realistic and honest that it is quite refreshing. Not many companies honestly say that their pricing is high, but the price page of Essayhave.com says exactly this. However, putting this out on the open might scare many students away, since boasting with high rates doesn’t really go with an audience that on average, has a very limited budget.

But, EssayHave literally says not to worry. According to them, ‘prices being a bit higher than the average are an indicator of the papers they craft being well-written and original’. If this is the truth and prices are fair as they say, you might just have found a good service. Let’s have a look.


There is a whole page about the writers on the website of EssayHave. On that page, you can see a huge number – over 580 writers who work for the service on daily basis. If this is the truth, it means that they have plenty of writers, which would guarantee availability of the service, as well as experts for all your assignments. However, having so many writers also brings up many obligations for the service, mostly in terms of finding true experts in such grand number, as well as following their work to ensure quality.

From the looks of it, writers at Essayhave.com don’t just come at a large number, but they also specialize in over 50 disciplines in total. They have degrees and experience, which is excellent sign.

Company trust

All the things the site says about the writers sounds enticing and would convince the students to invest that high sum mentioned by the company. However, when it comes to company trust, we wouldn’t say that EssayHave has a good reputation among their past audience. If you take your time to look for some information about them outside of the website where everything seems perfect, you’ll very likely find comments from customers who experienced problems with paper delays and paper quality.


Our guess is that it isn’t all that easy to manage and hire over five hundred writers to work on papers every day. Based on testimonials and what we’ve experienced when we got ourselves a term paper from EssayHave, not all of their writers are as great as they say they are. In fact, nothing on the website says native writers, so we should have assumed that this is not their hiring preference. This is obvious when you look at the content delivered by their writer.

We did get that term paper in time unlike some of the customers who said the very opposite about their orders, but the paper was definitely not of high quality. High prices don’t always mean high quality, which is once again proven in this case.


Being straightforward about the high prices is courageous on a market that is as busy and competitive as the writing market, but in this case, there was no quality to show for the high rates. To give you some idea about what these rates are like, we got a final quote for a Master’s level term paper which we later ordered. The page count was 250 words and it cost us $30 per page in a deadline of three days.

Interestingly, this company has over five hundred writers and yet, they don’t write papers for levels higher than Master’s level. So, if you are looking for PhD paper assistance, this isn’t even an option at EssayHave. You can get all sorts of papers for different levels, excluding the PhD level. This is an unfortunate thing because it indicates that they don’t have writers who are qualified enough to write top-notch, high-level academic papers.

Discounts do exist and are applicable, but the criteria for getting a lifelong discount is much higher than what we are used to seeing. To get their best lifelong discount of 15%, you’d have to spend over $2000 on the website. This makes it hardly reachable, doesn’t it?

Customer service

A customer service serves not only to answer questions, but to help customers when they aren’t happy with the service provided. But in our case, they only helped us with the questions. When the time came for us to complain about the actual service provided, the customer service literally avoided our requests, and all of them. Instead of offering us anything from a revision to a refund, they simply stated that the paper we got fit our instructions. If we wanted to make changes in what they believed was ‘a great paper for the price we paid’, we’d have to send in new instructions and pay for it again.


A service that doesn’t take responsibility for the work of their writers isn’t a trustworthy service. What looked like a very honest company turned out to be a disappointment in this case. Even though essayhave.com is very open about their high pricing and states the reasons for them, their paper quality is a bad fit for those rates. Moreover, the customer service was not interested in solving this problem.

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I have used bad essay services before, but still, you own the icing on that cake! Essayhave writing services are the absolute worst.

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