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RATING 9.8/10

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[5.4/10] – Essaymania.co.uk Review

Essay Mania

Essaymania.co.uk seems perfect at first sight. It has this incredible website with a solid blog and testimonials that praise the company for everything that it’s got. This, however, isn’t what we saw outside of it. Outside of essaymania.co.uk, people aren’t really rushing to order from the service. It isn’t very popular and those who have lean toward the negative sides more than they mention the positive. When we found this out, we started wondering: why is the situation completely different on the site and the Internet?


There isn’t much said about the writers this service employs. All you will find on the site is the information that their writers are all Masters or PhD degree holders and they attended some of the most prestigious universities in the country. It also indicates that they aren’t just fluent, but also native UK writers, so you shouldn’t be finding mistakes in the papers they have delivered to you.

Company trust

Despite the information about the writers, which is limited enough on its own, Essaymania.co.uk seems to have this vague reputation. Basically, we’ve seen all kinds of comments about their services. The positive ones are in a very small number, so saying that the company trust is high would be exaggeration. The negative ones are related to paper quality and surprisingly, many, many mistakes which indicate non-native writers. This somehow counters the statement that their writers are all native and high-degree holders, or that they’ve attended some of the best universities in the country.


As we mentioned, the quality isn’t really up for debate, it is mostly negative. There aren’t samples you could look at, so the only source of this important information lies in the testimonials from people who have received a paper and a service by Essaymania. These people complained about a variety of things. Basically, the only thing they haven’t complained about it plagiarism or delayed deliveries. That’s a relief, but it isn’t really changing the fact that the paper quality is too low for the rates offered.


Most customers say that Essaymania isn’t worth it, so it came as a surprise to us to learn that the prices aren’t really high. In fact, they can be seen as extremely low when compared to the highly rated services, so for a student to say that these prices were high, there must be huge gaps in the paper quality.

Nevertheless, this is a cheap company. You can literally get an essay for a bit over $10 per page if you order ten days before the delivery date. The price for such essay is $12.99 or $14.99 depending on the quality you choose. Interestingly, there are just two quality levels offered, which makes it a bit complicated to decide which one you need if your academic level is somewhere in the middle, like college.

Sadly, there are no discounts you can add to these rates. These rates are lower than what most companies offer you with an added discount, but still, a lack of a loyalty program is a bit of a downside for a writing service.

Customer service

The live chat is available, though students who wrote comments about the service aren’t too happy with it. The agents employed by essaymania.co.uk seem to be answering promptly and are good at providing help to those who need it, but when the time comes to handle complaints, they back down and don’t follow up on the guarantees listed on the site. Basically, if you need help with ordering or want to check up on the progress of the order, they’ll be happy to help. But, if you don’t like the paper and request a refund or revision, they will probably turn you down.


Essaymania is a cheap service, which is why we could find a lot about it online. Sadly, what we found was mainly negative and the only things that are good about the company are the non-plagiarism guarantee and the timely delivery. The customer service is average and the paper quality is mostly negative. On top of it all, discounts are non-existent and there isn’t a loyalty program to push you to order again.

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I have been trying to reach the client service in this Essaymania service site for three days. Does it even run anymore?

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