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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[5.5/10] – Myassignmenthelp.com Review

myassignment help

Being a number one assignment help company isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what Myassignmenthelp says about their service. This can be seen right when you open the homepage, along with many promises for top quality and great prices. All of this sounds so perfect, it is almost too good to be true.

Of course, most services on the exact same market share the same opinion about themselves and the same promises that would ideally, attract more customers for them. To see if this is just good marketing or an actual great service, we proceeded by checking Myassignmenhelp.com. You can see our findings in our review.


This might just be the company with the most writers we have seen so far. With over 4500 writers, myassignmenthelp.com seems like the grandest companies of them all. Having so many writers, if this is true, would mean that they have plenty of work to do every day, which would mean that students are happy with their services and the company is very popular.

Still, managing and hiring so many writers could not have been easy. Making sure that each one of the 4500 writers send out great papers is extremely hard and almost impossible, which is why the customer service must be great. But, before get to that part, let’s discuss our findings from the quality and popularity evaluation.

Company trust

Having the biggest number of writers would mean that the service is very, very popular. But judged by this service’s reputation, that’s not really the case. At this point, we stopped believing that grand number of employees. If the service needed to hire thousands of writers due to their workload, they would probably have more good comments. Instead, most of the comments we’ve read are bad, and there really aren’t so many testimonials that would make us believe they have orders worthy of four thousands writers.


Getting a paper from myassignmenthelp.com was a smart idea for two reasons. First, it confirmed what all those testimonials and the bad reputation said – this company isn’t all that great. Second, it told us to be more careful about trusting their promises, so we re-considered everything the service and their agents said until that point.

Why do we say this? We say it because the paper we received was far from amazing, and it certainly wouldn’t lead to a company being so popular that they have to hire thousands of writers to work for them. In addition to the unfitting quality, the originality was also not as high as the site mentioned. Instead of a 100% original paper, we got a 78% original paper. So much plagiarism would cost students their grade and would definitely not make our order worthy of the rate we paid to get it.

MyAssignmentHelp Prices

Well, this is where it all becomes much more frustrating and annoying – no prices are revealed until you actually tell them your order details. We had to go through an entire sign-in process and discuss all kinds of details about the paper with the support agent to get a quote. After fifteen minutes, we got a number that was double from what we expected.

Don’t take the ‘up to 30%’ first-time discount seriously, because this is just another marketing trick. Without prices to show, you can’t really know if they are giving you a discount. They actually said that we got a 25% discount and that’s how we got that price, but we can’t really know this, can we?

The rate remained too high to be realistic, so discounts don’t really help with this matter. And since they are also not fixed as the case with the prices, you never know what rate you’ll get.

Customer service

We spoke to the support agents on several occasions, mostly because this is the only way to learn what you’d have to pay for the order. They take their time when evaluating order requirements and ask many detailed questions. This would be good if it ensured better writing process, but in our case, it was only annoying because it took them a long time to tell us the quote.

Once we got the paper that wasn’t half as good as promised and definitely not good enough for the rate, we contacted them again. When we complained, it was like the nice agents all disappeared and the very formal, unpleasant agents started responding. They tossed us around from one agent to another after we finally got a revision approved.

We got that revision three days later, which was far after the deadline we set in the first place. A student would not be able to use that paper after such a long time and even if they were able to meet the deadline, the paper was still disastrous.


Information needs to be presented clearly for a customer to know what to expect. Despite the many promises and mentions of fair rates and great agents, our experience with myassignmenthelp.com was the very opposite. We got a bad paper, a bad service, and spent a lot of time discussing information that should have been provided to us and on the website in the first place.

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