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RATING 9.8/10

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[5.5/10] – Writemypaper4me.org Review

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All comments from customers on the site named writemypaper4me.org are great. Students speak of their great experiences with the writers employed by this company, a writing service who says to work with skillful ENL writers. It all fits until the point when you look outside of what looks like the greatest writing service website on the Web. When you do, you’ll learn many things about this service that are omitted from the website content.

That’s exactly what we did – we looked that the site’s details but also outside of it. Moreover, we placed our order for a paper by their expert writers and reviewed the results. Read this review to learn about our findings.

WriteMyPaper4Me Writers

Not so much information are given about the writers’ background or expertise, but the plus about hiring them is that you can communicate with the writer writemypaper4me.org chooses for you. They say that they choose writers with most expertise and knowledge in the field your paper’s in, but when we placed our order, we weren’t given any details about the writer and his background. Only a chance to communicate with her.

This is a great opportunity not many companies create for their customers. However, the lack of information about the background and qualifications of writers concerned us a little. Our concerns turned out to be justified once we learned that writers at Writemypaper4me aren’t as qualified as the site suggested.

Company trust

All of this was clear to us once we established what the reputation of this writing service was. Writemypaper4me.org isn’t considered a trustworthy company by most of its customers who decided to share their experiences on the Internet. At this point of our review, it was safe to assume that the service publishes only great comments and perhaps even created those comments as part of their marketing strategy.


Every bit of information found outside of the website led us to believe that there’s more to this service than what meets the eye when you read their content. As always, we proceeded by placing our own order to evaluate the paper quality. This was especially important since the quality was a big question mark for us. Considering that the feedback on the site is all positive and the one outside of it is mostly negative, our paper was the piece of the puzzle that was going to clear things up.

Unfortunately, it cleared things up, but in a bad sense. The quality of the delivered term paper by the writer this company chose for us, the one who according to them was most qualified to write it, was more than bad. The writer met the deadline, but almost none of the instructions. The only thing she did right was the word count and the delivery date.

Since we were able to discuss details with her, we asked to be sent at least a sample of what the paper would look like. She rejected our request to track the progress of the paper, which made the entire offer to communicate with the writer a one without any purpose whatsoever.

While talking with the writer, we noticed a grave problem with her English – she was obviously not a native. All of this was obvious from the content she delivered too, something we later discussed with the customer service.

WriteMyPaper4Me Prices

The content wasn’t good, but the prices definitely were. With a lowest rate of $13 for a page of an essay, this is a considerably low-priced company. Such prices are usually a clear sign that you can’t expect much from the writers, but in this case, the website’s testimonials convinced us otherwise. That was, of course, until the point where we found out the truth.

Writemypaper4me.org says to have regular discounts for customers, but that’s all the information we got. We asked about a discount, but the support agent said that at that point, we aren’t eligible to one. He didn’t provide any other information, so we are doubtful about the existence of any discounts whatsoever.

WriteMyPaper4Me Customer Service

As we said, we have talked to the customer service of this company on several occasions. We first talked to them about the writer, complaining about her poor English-speaking skills and the fact that she did not discuss the paper with us at all. It made the entire ‘talk with the writer’ thing pointless, which we actually pointed out to the agent.

The agent was generally nice and friendly, but not very helpful. He said that we should wait for the paper delivery and assured us that the writer is the best for the task. When we got the bad paper and contacted them about it again, the other agent on the live chat did not provide us with any solution. They simply stopped responding to our questions and queries, so we finally gave up.


A writing service must take responsibility for the work of their writers, especially one that boasts with popularity and success on their website. After our research, we learned that most of the things on the website of writemypaper4me.org are false or too vague. This company is cheap, but not trustworthy.

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I had never used essay writers before this and honestly, if this is what they are about, then I want nothing to do with them.

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