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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[9.2/10] – Ukbestessay.net Review


Ukbestessay.net is supposed to be the website ‘where students’ lives become easier’. This writing company works with UK writers and provides a myriad of different paper types. Their website is more than convincing that the service is worthwhile, which is somewhat contradictory to what customers say about it outside of the website. This raised some red flags for us, so we proceeded with checking all the features of the UkBestessay company.


Information regarding writers at this service is exhaustive. They begin by saying that all their writers are native UK writers and have degrees from high academic levels, but also go further to say that all the work done by freshly hired writers is overseen to make sure that they don’t make errors. Even so, with a number of writers that exceeds a thousand, a company can hardly keep track on every writer on board. As a result, ukbestessay.net has slowly lost its reputation on the market as their number of writers grew.

Company trust

Feedback that dates back to the beginnings of the service, which was only a couple years ago, is mostly positive. But, it seems like the company has lost its touch after they began employing the many writers they have. We aren’t certain how many of them work for Ukbestessay at this point, but any time we opened the website, there were over 850 writers available. They don’t seem to have issues with even the shortest deadlines, but the quality is more than debatable. In fact, in most cases, it is reported to be quite low, which is unacceptable for such companies.


ukbestessay.net discount

Somewhere at the bottom of the homepage, you can find some essay samples that give customers an idea as to what they will get if they order from the company. However, with over a thousand writers, you can hardly be certain that the quality would fit that in the samples. In fact, considering that most writers have different styles and qualifications, the odds of you getting the same quality as in the samples are close to zero.

This seems to be the actual case here because the majority of comments we read about them are leaning toward negative. There are some satisfied customers who received a good paper from the company, but even those complain about the high rates that aren’t a right fit for the content provided.


It’s no wonder that there are some complaints about the prices because the rates they give out at ukbestessay.net aren’t really fitting for a budget of an average student. They start at $19.99 for the lowest level and longest deadline, and only go upward from there. Thankfully, at this point and for some while now, the service hands out 20% discounts to new customers who get their papers there. This is a nice strategy to attract a wider audience, especially after the interest about the company has declined a lot in the past few years.

In addition to this one, there is also a loyalty discount. This discount can be different based on how much and how often you order. When you get to a certain point when the total of your ordered pages exceeds a hundred, you get 15% discount on all your future orders.

Customer service

Unlike the quality of the writers and the content, the service has maintained a quality customer service. Still, without content quality, you can hardly make use of the support service. They are available for their customers all the time and seem to be doing well in providing fast answers, but the low quality delivered can hardly be fixed by a professional agent of the customer service.


Having many, many writers would often be seen as a sign that a company is doing great. At this point, the testimonials are so varied, the quality delivered by the service does relate to that given in the samples on the website. The service has introduced some highly generous discounts, but with this quality, they are totaly worth it to save your time.

One comment

From the experience I had with UKbestessay essay service, it is clear why so many students are now choosing to write for themselves.

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