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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

[9.1/10] – Assignmentmasters.co.uk Review

assignmentmasters uk

Most lists done by students who have tried companies that write papers have this one in the top ten. In fact, it is one of the first sites that come up when you search for writing companies, which is another indicator that it is highly popular. Even the search engines know it, and feedback is genuinely great about their writers from students from all around the world. This was a great sign that we might be on the way of finding a good service, finally, so we looked further into what they offer.


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If you open assignmentmasters.co.uk, you’ll be looking at this perfectly-designed, yet very simple in terms of information, website. It has all you need and nothing more, which cuts down the evaluation time in half. In terms of writers, Assignmentmasters has begun its journey on this market as a company founded by a couple of writing experts who hired people to join their team in the goal ‘to provide top-level writing assistance that meets the highest standards’.

This might be the only service that hasn’t mentioned high degrees and prestigious universities or native writers, which is refreshing. It doesn’t seem to be omitted because it isn’t the case, since their reputation is flawless. Most companies who brag with such writers don’t stand behind those statements. In this case, we can only assume that the writers have all of these characteristics, and quality and reputation are there to prove it.

Company trust

assignmentmasters.co.uk trust

As we mentioned just now, this is a very popular service worldwide. They might be situated in the UK and their market consists mainly of UK students, but the reputation is extremely high even outside of the country, making it one of the top ten choices we could find on the Web.


The reason why it is ranked in the top ten is because of the quality and the writers’ expertise. The quality here seems to be unbeatable and they have samples to show for it. If you take the time to look through them, you’ll see that assignmentmasters.co.uk takes its job seriously and judged by feedback on the Web, they do it continuously and not just in the published samples.

On top of all this, assignmentwriters.co.uk has a revision policy that lets its customers ask for free editing of their paper if they don’t like it after it’s delivered by the writers. It shouldn’t come to it, but it a relief for those who are a bit sceptic about ordering online.


The pricing isn’t very low, which is exactly what we expected from a service with such reputation. In fact, we expected to see higher rates and no discounts, but we were surprised to find that we were wrong about this. In addition to the rates that begin at $19.45 for a page, they also have discounts for all customers who choose to trust their writers. Not just that, but their discount for those who try the company for the very first time is 20%, which by our knowledge is the biggest discount you can find for newcomers.

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In addition to the 20% newcomers’ discount, they give out 15% credited discount to your account after you make the first order. After that, you can get 5% to 15% discounts on future orders based on how much and how often you’ll order from the company. All the information is right there at disposal of interested customers.

Customer service

assignmentmasters.co.uk features

Contacting the customer service is one of the steps we take to determine if a company is great or not. This time it resulted in great service and professional communication delivered right after we contacted them on the live chat. Their customer service is helpful and friendly, and most importantly, they deliver responses immediately and don’t take much of your time.


In conclusion, AssignmentMasters is as popular as it is because of many reasons, some of the most important being the consistent quality and available customer service, always. Their reputation isn’t based on low rates because the rates aren’t the lowest one can find, but the discounts are more generous than we even thought once we found out about the reputation of the company.

One comment

If you are looking for the essay service you can trust, this team is a number one choice. They have good prices, excellent support and deliver high quality paper. I’ve got about five essays from them and all was great. It’s hard to find so good service on the market now.

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