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Established in 2002

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RATING 9.8/10

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Established in 1997 

AssignmentExpert Review


Assignment Expert Service Overview

Assignmentexpert is a relatively new writing company. We don’t say this because of the information on the website. There isn’t much written about the company or its beginnings. But, based on the dates on the assignment expert reviews we read, this service has only been online for few years. Unfortunately, most of the assignment expert reviews we came across rated it poorly, meaning that they haven’t established a nice practice since they first showed up on the market.

If your question concerning the company was ‘is assignment expert legit’, our answer at this point would be yes. However, while the question ‘is assignmentexpert legit’ can be answered no, this doesn’t mean that it’s also a reliable service. They offer content in return for money, but the quality is not praised by the customers.

AssignmentExpert Services

Everything on the assignment expert website is extremely complicated and confusing. Students speak of this often in the assignmentexpert reviews, mostly because the website contains no full service list or even a pricelist. There’s nothing there to prove that this company is legit or answer the question ‘is assignmentexpert scam’.

While we confirmed this by ordering, it took us a while to learn about the service list. Thankfully, the list is one of the few good things this company has. It includes all kinds of papers like essays, dissertations, theses, term papers, research papers, articles, reviews, reports, etc.

By the end of this assignmentexpert review, you’ll learn that the service list is one of the few things that gained some points for this company during our evaluation. It’s a full list, which gives you an opportunity to order all kinds of papers.

AssignmentExpert.com Prices

As we discussed before, prices aren’t available on the website of assignmentexpert.com. You have to provide some details about the order you want to make and wait for the company do ‘do its math’. This is frustrating on its own, not to mention that in our case, it took them over five hours to come up with a quote.

The quote wasn’t what we expected at all. When we took the low reputation into consideration, we expected an average to a low quote. Instead, a research paper within a week came with a quote of over $19 for a single page. This is an acceptable price when it comes from the high-rated companies. But, when it comes from a relatively new company with a very bad reputation, it’s definitely not something students would accept to pay.

Our guess at this point was that the price, as well as the waiting time, is the two biggest reasons why the service doesn’t attract many customers or have a lot of feedback online.

Discounts Policy

This may come as yet another disappointment, but we actually saw it coming. Without prices, the service can’t really create discounts. However, the fact that the agents convinced us that our quote came with a discount was most frustrating of them all.

When you don’t have access to the prices a service offers, you can’t really get a discount. And when you get a ready quote after hours, you can never know if they added a discount to it. Seeing how their online assignment expert from the support service didn’t want to share the discount amount with us, we only got more frustrated about their approach and obviously, tricks.

Other Features

There isn’t much to be said about the features of this company. Most of the things offered are hidden from the visitors of the website. The website is the most general site we have seen without any important or relevant information.

When we received a research paper from the company, we got the general features that come with all content orders online: title, bibliography and content. We can’t really say that we received an edited paper since it contained more errors than we could count. On top of all this, you cannot really know about features that are charged extra since you won’t know the price of the paper to begin with. How they decide on the quote is still unknown to us, even after ordering.


After our order and evaluation of the website, reputation, and quality of content provided by assignmentexpert.com, we can say without any doubts that this isn’t a service we’d recommend under any circumstances. The key information is not available on the website, ordering takes forever, and the poor reputation is definitely a result of the poor quality and service. To sum things up, here are the reasons why we don’t see assignmentexpert.com as a company worthy of your time or trust:

  • You have to wait for hours to get a quote on your order
  • No discounts are available
  • The prices are considerably high
  • The company has a bad reputation for quality







Discounts Policy







  • No discounts available
  • Price is High
  • You have to wait for hours to get a quote
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