RATING 9.5/10

First Time Discount - 15% Off

Price starts from $19.99

Established in 2002

RATING 9.8/10

RATING 9.8/10

Price starts from $19.97

First Time Discount - 20% Off

Established in 1997 

CustomEssayMeister Review

CustomEssayMeister.com Overview

The Customessaymeister website says that the service has been in business since 2009. But, the custom essay meister reviews don’t date back as far as that. There are two possible reasons for this. Firstly, custom essay meister is very unpopular with the audience. Secondly, they lied about the year of establishment.

By the end of this custom essay meister review, we’ll have the answer for the first one. However, we can’t really discover when the company was first created. But, first things first. Your initial question probably is: ‘is custom essay meister legit’. To answer this question, we ordered from customessaymeister.com and waited to see if they deliver papers. The result is – this is a legit company that delivers papers when you pay for them.

Custom Essay Meister Services

There are plenty of options for services you can get from the custom essay meister writing service, but you can only access them if you proceed to order. That’s the only way to get the quote, too.

If you do this, you’ll see a considerably large list of different services that include essays, research papers, term papers, projects, presentations, dissertations, theses, reports, reviews, and various other paper types. On top of all this, you can also request some paper editing or proofreading.

At this point, the customessaymeister.com review was going really good considering that they have a full list of services. But, we were still very concerned about the bad customessaymeister reviews we kept coming across, which is why we decided to continue our search.

CustomEssayMeister Prices

One of the things that lowered the rating in this customessaymeister review was the pricing. When you come across a service that is obviously not a very popular choice with students, you expect to see some attractive prices. This should help attract more students. But, when we requested an essay within six days and for a college level, what we got was a quote of over $20 for a single page.

This is a high price even for the very popular companies. For a company that’s so unpopular, it’s definitely a deal breaker.

Discounts Policy

Even though the date of establishment indicates that the service works for a decade, the only information we read dates back only a few years. The reviews all speak of the same first-time discount and loyalty program, which somewhat undermines their statement that they have occasional special offers.

Even so, the first time custom essay meister discount code is appealing. It gives you 10% off the first order, which would reduce the quote a little. Still, it’s a highly priced company, so we don’t believe that many students are happy with the discount.

The loyalty program is different than most, too. Instead of giving 5%, 10% and 15% off, this company decided to lower its offers and offer 5%, 7%, and a maximum of 10% off for their loyal customers. This means that the most you can reduce the high prices for is 10%. You can only do this once you spend over $2000 on the website, which is a very big goal to accomplish.

Other Features

We liked the website of customessaymeister.com, but it lacked information about the features. When you open the form to order a paper or see the prices, you’ll find some features you can select. As soon as you select them, you learn that these are extra paid features since the price changes instantly.

These features include: number of sources or citations (the price grows when you request more), presentation or slide that accompanies the paper, charts or tables or graphs to accompany the content, an abstract, an outline, preferred writers, or blocked writers.

The option of being able to block writers beats the idea that all writers here are as great as the website says. Also, the fact that things like an abstract and an outline are paid extra is disappointing. Most companies provide these free of charge. Seeing how the prices are high to start with, it’s even more frustrating that you have to pay for the basic features, too.


We weren’t at all satisfied by the offers made by customessaymeister.com, nor were we happy with the service or the paper provided. This isn’t a popular service and we’ve learned that the reason for this aren’t only the high prices, but also the existence of many extra paid features, poor support, and occasional bad quality. The bottom line is, the company has some very bad characteristics:














  • High prices and low discounts
  • Many extra paid features
  • Low reputation with writers
  • Unclear year of establishment
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