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RATING 9.8/10

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GoNerdify.com Review


Gonerdify Overview

Gonerdify is not your ordinary writing platform. It seems like it at first, but after short research for this gonerdify review, we’ve learned that this is a site that serves as a mediator. Their job is to respond to your request and find a nerd to help you with it. That’s exactly how they call the people who work for Go Nerdify – nerds.

The approach they use to do all this is unusual and something we haven’t seen so far. This is why our first action was to go through some of the gonerdify reviews and learn more. Based on gonerdify.com reviews, the website is slow and not very secure. All of this convinced us even more to keep digging to find more information about our go nerdify review.

Go Nerdify Services Provided

None of the content on the website or the reviews on go nerdify told us about the list of services provided. This information is impossible to access. Basically, all reviews for gonerdify lead to the one truth – there isn’t a specified service list the website has.

What they do is wait for you to message them on the website or via social media. When you do, you can ask for whatever you need. Whether it is tutoring or paper writing, or even exam notes, you can ask for literally everything. However, many of the nerdify customer reviews say that the website did not find a nerd to finish their projects. Some of these were comments from students who ordered ordinary essays.

This means that there aren’t set services the company provides and no one guarantees that you can get what you need when you request it. The approach is also described as really slow in go nerdify reviews, so it’s not a great pick for those with tight deadlines.

Gonerdify Prices

When we said that none of the information is presented on the site, we meant it. There aren’t services and there aren’t prices. The service doesn’t provide you with gonerdify prices until they’ve reviewed your request and found a nerd for you. This can take hours or not be completed at all seeing how some never received a quote.

To see what the prices would be like if you order, we asked for a paper. This is one of the most common things students need when it comes to academic help. The company does not limit you to only written papers, but it’s definitely most used for this.

Once we did this, we learned something bad about the go nerdify prices. They can be very high. Of course, prices vary based on the nerd they’ll find for you, so our go nerdify prices might not be the same as the ones you’ll get, but the quote we received exceeded $20 for a single page of an essay.

It’s no wonder why the gonerdify rating is so low. The fact that they aren’t specific about what they offer and take their time in giving you a quote will push many customers away. Those who are patient enough and decide to proceed and wait for a quote will probably be disappointed by the high rates.

Discounts Policy

Since there aren’t prices, there aren’t discounts either. You can’t give a discount on a service without a price, or a price on a service that’s non-existent. Everything here requires time and patience. All you can do is determine what you need and share it with them. Your only limitation is that you can only ask for academic help of some kind, but this is a very broad topic in the first place.

Even so, the lack of discounts offered is a big disadvantage, one of the many we found at this point of our evaluation.

Other Features

When we got to the part where we had to check for features, we already gave up on trying to figure out what exactly the website offers. It’s an artificial intelligence system, which means that you aren’t talking to real people. Therefore, don’t expect insightful answers or some personalized help.

If their system can find a nerd to help you, you’ll get help at a quote they suggest. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go elsewhere. But, since it’s an AI website, there isn’t really a criterion for hiring people, which puts you at a great risk of coming across a fraud.


Gonerdify.com has disappointed us plenty. This isn’t writing or tutoring company. It’s an AI website that takes your message and forwards it to some experts. If they decide they can help, you’ll get a quote.

Some of the reasons for our disappointment with this company include:














  • No information is provided on the website
  • Ordering takes too long and is very unreliable
  • Prices tend to be very high when you order here
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